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Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Sign me up! She holds your hand, is affectionate, and introduces you to all her friends. Why is she acting that way? Is she leading you on? It sounds silly, why does love and affection need to be verbally established? Without communicating these, it is easy for two people not be on the same page. And when two people are not on the same page, one person is bound to get hurt. Think about it, if there were no rules in sports, then people would able to do all sorts of things to win a game.

So it’s pronounced “you-ay”

Citizenship: China. Height: 1,73 m. Position: Midfielder.

DATING ADVICE: She acts like your girlfriend but claims she isn’t. Why? (DATING ADVICE FOR GUYS). She holds your hand.

The Gadget Show. Dateable Podcast. Ask Miss Singlefied. Cult Dance Fitness. Dance instructor and choreographer. That is why in addition to my on-camera career, I also run a production team , and offer media and strategy consulting for several top startups. My Mandarin Chinese? Pretty solid. But my Chinglish is even better. Then I became intrigued with the dating culture when I moved to NYC and witnessed the start of online dating. And finally after moving back to Beijing and being exposed to top secret tech prototypes, I developed my passion for technology.

Currently residing in SF, I feel very fortunate to be able to foster all three of my passions in an industry that has allowed me to be me!

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Hosted by Jane Marie from This American Life, this chatty, humorous podcast helps you navigate the world of dating and relationships in the digital age. Listen out for her name-check at the end. Subscribe here. We hung out with him in NYC and this guy sure knows his stuff. New podcasts are available every Thursday on iTunes.

List of computer science publications by Yue Xu. User Profile Ontology to Support Personalisation for E-Coaching Systems. Yue Xu: A Recommendation Method for Online Dating Networks Based on Social Relations and.

Spela Podcaster Rss Dela. Every week, Kim talks through dating difficulties and how to overcome them. One challenge many people experience is trying to date while straddling two cultures. Whether you grew up in a family with strong cultural values that differ from traditional American ones or are exploring the dating scene from a foreign perspective in any capacity, this episode is here to help! On this show, you’ll meet Fred. He comes from a culture where the values of his Muslim faith were paramount, and intimate relationships between men and women are navigated quite differently than his experience in the American dating scene.

Although he’s tried to explore opportunities on dating apps like Bumble, he’s feeling frustrated that his values don’t seem to align well with the values of the women he’s meeting both online and in person. Listen as Kim coaches Fred live through many of the challenges he’s faced on his journey to find love and get married. Kim walks Fred through how to define realistic expectations for himself, begin creating his own “mini culture” that he defines outside the boundaries of his cultural background and develop a dating plan in America.

Double Your Luck at Elie Tahari; One-Cent Wedding Gown Winner

Face it. But how does a woman find a lasting relationship and love? Sure, there are plenty of men online who are just there to tell a few pleasing stories of what you want to hear, and try to bed you.

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The archives will remain available here; for new stories, head over to Vox. Since she wasn’t planning to get married any time soon, she announced that she would give the dress away to whoever emailed her with the most deserving story by October 1st. Well, October 1st has come and gone, and now Xu has declared a winner. Head to her site, Singlefied, to meet the dress’s new owner, a bride whose dream wedding has been postponed for five years due to a surprise pregnancy followed by a serious illness.

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The Dating Podcast You Should Listen To, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Julie, Yue, and I take a deep dive into all the online dating and relationship issues you want to know about, including :. Based on a poll posted on the Dateable Facebook group Julie says that a majority of the women who answered would meet a guy they met online during quarantine depending on the situation. The second highest majority of women said they would definitely not meet a guy face to face until the quarantine is lifted. Why meet face-to-face when such good things are coming out of video dating?

Video dating allows us to put the physical on hold and go deep if we let it, says Julie. If you are thinking about meeting a guy face-to-face during quarantine, consider how many first dates are actually a success.

Yue Xu says. “I’m not really sure that was for romantic reasons.” Xu, together with her co-host Michael Vargas and producer Julie Krafchick, run.

By Carrie Seim. A few months ago, JB, a year-old financial analyst from the West Village, was facing a dilemma. GF No. Or GF No. Like many eligible Big Apple bachelors, JB — who asked that his full name not be used — is guilty of double-borough dating. After selecting Miss Brooklyn as his dinner companion, he convinced Miss Manhattan he was going out with his buddies, while secretly squiring his Park Slope princess to a cozy LES restaurant.

After canoodling his way to the hostess stand on the arm of his second girl, JB was seated for dinner — right next to his first lady. Indeed, one allure of double-borough dating is the belief, however erroneous, that courting women from distinct and distant neighborhoods will ensure the lucky ladies never cross paths. Nick Nadel, a year-old blogger for GuySpeak. NYC dating coach Yue Xu, 30, whom JB has enlisted since his dating accident, says these double-dating patterns are quite common in the city.

Last year, Upper West Side TV producer Kent, 35, was mystified by the eating habits of his East Village girlfriend, whom he was dating exclusively or so he thought. Turns out his girlfriend had been stepping out on him — and feeding a young, broke artist living in a commune in Astoria.

The Dating Podcasts you Need to Listen to if you Want to Up your Dating Game

The best podcasts are like friends who have a wealth of information and inspiration to offer but don’t expect you to give them anything in return. Whether you’re commuting or chilling, podcasts can be a fun alternative to music, and here’s the best part: You can listen to them for free. If you’re looking to add a daily dose of relationship advice to your routine, then I’ve got suggestions for the dating podcast you should listen to, based on your zodiac sign.

From witty words of wisdom to seriously tough love, dating advice comes in all different forms, and your sign can help determine what you probably need to hear.

Yue Xu is a TV host, dating coach and founder of the dating blog Singlefied; and Shandong-native Mia Ling was a producer behind Sexy.

A brainstorming session? The first season of the show, which only first premiered on Valentine’s Day , has already netted thousands of plays, and was listed in the Huffington Post as one of the best love and sex podcasts on the market. Hopefully people can bring that back to their own lives and relationships. This makes the dating scene that much more exciting. It’s just surprise after surprise. For example, the hosts say San Franciscans tend to rely more on dating apps than people do in other places, engage more in “ghosting” when one person disappears abruptly from the courtship process , and also be more upfront about dating multiple people.

On the other hand though, those sorts of oddities and eccentricities are what make locals so fascinating and attractive. We’ll go deeper,” Krafchick says, adding that the next installment includes more variations of relationships, including same sex dating and polyamory. They’re also planning on speaking with experts from dating apps, like Amanda Bradford, founder of The League. Season 2’s first episode is streaming now, and they’re always looking for story submissions.

Listen to the new installment here on their site. Caption Close.

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Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Sign me up! I spent the next few hours talking to Ben about his dating history and providing him with dating success stories that I had witnessed. That night, Ben referred me to his co-worker Chris. Since that fateful winter night in the ultimate adult playground we call New York City, I have helped hundreds of clients just like Ben and Chris develop fruitful dating strategies. I give dating advice to men.

Ane Auret is a dating and relationship coach who offers advice, practical tools and Hosts Yue Xu and Julie Krafchick talk with real daters about everything from.

They are one of the leading and most successful squads in women’s international volleyball, having won ten championships titles in the three major international competitions of volleyball, including five World Cups , , , , , two World Championships , and three Olympic titles , , The current head coach is Lang Ping.

China took five consecutive World titles in the s. Although it experienced an unstable development in the s, the team won the World Cup title in , and , also captured the gold medal in the Summer Olympics and Summer Olympics. In , , and , the Chinese women’s volleyball team won the “Best team” award in the CCTV sportsmanship competition. Updated after Women’s World Cup.

The current national team setter Yao Di was cast to play setter Wei Qiuyue , who was pregnant at the time of filming. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. World Championship squads. See templates for discussion to help reach a consensus. China squad — Women’s World Championship — Gold medal. China squad — World Championship — Gold medal.

HireClub Live with Yue Xu

About 20 million people in the United States listened to their first podcast in the past year, according to a study from Edison Research and Triton Digital. More people are listening to podcasts than ever before, and that creates plenty of opportunity for new podcasters. Have you ever considered starting a podcast? Before you start, make sure you know the basics about how to interview someone and how to record, edit, and publish an audio file.

You could take a podcast class or hire a podcast coach or mentor, but many podcasters are self-taught. I had the idea and then it took me about three months to do all the research, figure out what equipment to buy, buy the equipment, and then teach myself the audio editing software.

THE INTERNET—Back in August, dating coach Yue Xu found a one-cent wedding dress at Nordstrom Rack. Since she wasn’t planning to get.

New year, new marriage. Well, sort of. But exactly what goals should you set, and more importantly, how in the world will you actually get yourselves to stick to them? That, couples, is the million-dollar question. The biggest problem, however, isn’t so much everyone’s follow-through as the actual goals themselves. Instead of thinking big i. See—easy, right? And definitely not nearly as overwhelming as just trying to get in more physical touch.

Remember: you can tailor any and all of these to make them reachable and achievable for your own relationship. Even if it’s at home once in a while, commit to a weekly or bi-weekly date night to reconnect and keep the romance alive in your relationship, suggests Dr. Paulette Kouffman Sherman , psychologist, relationship expert, and author of ” Dating from the Inside Out “. Vow to say five positive things for every negative remark toward your spouse, recommends Sherman. Not only will this help nip the negativity in the bud, but it will also build both of you up and encourage you to focus on the good in each other—as opposed to dwelling on the not so good.

A girl in every borough

As an entertainment industry veteran and the owner of a SF-based production company, I currently work with startups to solidify and champion their core messaging. I also host the Dateable Podcast, a popular dating show all about dating conundrums, but more importantly, actionable insights from my I also host the Dateable Podcast, a popular dating show all about dating conundrums, but more importantly, actionable insights from my years of being a dating coach. My production company, Cult Media Online, has created marketing and promotional videos for many tech companies and startups such as Peopl My production company, Cult Media Online, has created marketing and promotional videos for many tech companies and startups such as People.

I also currently host the Dateable

If you didn’t feel a physical attraction on a first date, experts advise distancing restrictions lifted, Julie Krafchick and Yue Xu, dating sociologists and According to relationship coach Tia Evagelou, their answers can help you.

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