Kid Could Land Date with Lolo Jones if He Receives 150K Retweets on Twitter (Updated)

Lori Susan ” Lolo ” Jones [1] [4] [5] born August 5, is an American hurdler and bobsledder who specializes in the meter and meter hurdles. She won indoor national titles in , , and in the meter hurdles, with gold medals at the World Indoor Championship in and She was favored to win the meter hurdles at the Beijing Olympics , but tripped on the penultimate hurdle, finishing in seventh place. She went on to win gold at the World Athletics Final , beating the newly-crowned Olympic champion Dawn Harper with a time of Jones is the American record holder in the meter hurdles with a time of 7. Jones also competes as a brakewoman on the U. She won a gold medal in the mixed team event at the World Championships. She represented the U. Jones was born on August 5, , in Des Moines, Iowa.

Lolo Jones appears to be dating NFL player

I can now die knowing I have typed every last set of words and reported on every conceivable high-profile relationship. Here is what they had to say. Well MediaTakeOut. The insider told MediaTakeOut. For those of you who had famed Olympic hurdler Lolo Jones dating Suh in your pool among friends, collect your money.

World champion hurdler Lolo Jones in an interview currently airing on HBO’s Real boyfriend she says she has tried every online dating service out there but Reid’s 20reporting on sexual abuse within USA.

According to a tweet from this past June, Jones direct-messaged Bubby Lyles to tell him everything was good to go if he could get the re-tweets. He reportedly raised the , re-tweets in two weeks after Jones confirmed she would go on the date. If I get , RTs lolojones will let me take her on a date! Help me out! I thought, give her some incentive. I came up with ,, and it went from there. Good looking out elsupersanchez , looking forward to it lolojones.

After learning that Lyles had reached the magic number, Jones reportedly even offered to pay for the date.

Lolo Jones tries to land date with Michael Phelps

Hurdler turned bobsledder and now back to hurdler , we guess Lolo Jones has apparently decided that the best way to land a date with Olympics legend Michael Phelps is to build a pool and invite him over for a swim. Note: This method might also work on the newly single Ryan Lochte. The temporary realignment of the FIS Alpine World Cup Calendar in caters to this goal by focusing on athlete safety, reducing travel, and providing competitors with a detailed competition calendar.

Instead, these races will be replaced by additional events in Europe. Moritz, Switzerland and two technical races to the program in Courchevel, France.

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Russell Wilson, the Seattle Seahawks quarterback, has been linked to Lolo Jones following his divorce earlier this year. Wilson was spotted cozying up to Jones, who often discusses her troubles finding a good date online, at the ESPY Awards this summer. And they were still together at an after-party hosted by Drake. Another source said that the couple was at the Ritz-Carlton later, where they parted without kissing. There are also rumors floating around that Wilson is dating German model Sylvie Meis, but the origin of those rumors are unclear.

In fact, the divorce may boost his marketability. Wilson seems to be squeaky clean. Marketers more than ever are looking for that.

Lolo Jones accepts twitter date

Everyone knows the story of the high school kid that recently asked Kate Upton to be his prom date, only to have her decline, yet find an equally talented supermodel to take her place. If you play your cards right, , retweets could get you a date with Lolo Jones. This also seems like a story that has a chance to hit national headlines at some point in the near future.

His YouTube channel has a few videos with minor journalistic reports, so this tactic will get him and his work much more exposure. Upon last visiting his tweet, Bubby had more than 10, retweets, and counting. Here are a tweets for proof:.

Lolo Jones won a gold award in the mixed group event at the World Championships. Acting career Jones Lolo Jones boyfriend, husband. Who is lolo.

Lolo Jones, a famous virgin, is sick and tired of all you heathens failing to understand what God created sex for. The new season of Dancing With The Stars kicks off on Monday, and among its contestants are the usual list of…. Queen Harrison, the year’s second-best m-hurdler in the world and currently in a death-struggle with 1 Dawn Harper Nelson , announced today that she signed with Asics.

It now places her on the same squad as world number-four Lolo Jones, who is thrilled. Lolo Jones, the world’s second-most-famous track athlete, has called it a season despite three remaining meets left…. Fifteen hundred fans crowd the bleachers on a Friday night in Bloomington, Indiana. They’re here for the American…. Earlier this week, to the surprise of many, Lolo Jones was named to the Olympic bobsled team, despite having only….

Comedian Pete Holmes has found a bit of a niche on his comedy show: he’s really good at conducting painfully…. Lolo Jones turned 31 last night. She also got a surprise visit from the PED police, which wasn’t supposed to be part….

Lolo jones

Lolo Jones is an American athlete specializing in 60m and m hurdle races. Her superb skills on the track have earned her several titles in both summer and winter games. She came to the finish line first in her category in the and World Indoor Championships. What else do we know about her? Who is Lolo Jones? She is a multi-talented athlete , actress, Bobsledder and media personality.

She may have competed at both the summer and winter Olympics, but American athlete Lolo Jones says she struggles to get a date.

Six Questions with Lolo Jones. We sat down with Lolo Jones this week to ask 6 questions: From track-and-field to bobsledding. Late last year, star hurdler Lolo Jones joined the U. Bobsledding team to shake things up and get some cross training in. But then a strange thing happened — she started winning. And now Jones has a chance to compete for a medal in Brazil in Best and worst part about bobsled? The crashes are the worst. The best is the hot tub after practice is over.

You told reporters at Drake Relays that coming off of bobsled training that you are “Hercules strong. Biggest thing you’re looking forward to the rest of the year?

Lolo Jones

The Olympic hurdler and bobsledder has made headlines with some controversial tweets recently, but in general she is one of the most social media-friendly athletes. Recently, Jones accepted a challenge from one of her , followers — should this student, a year-old named Bubby Lyles tally , retweets for one of his tweets, Jones would go on a date with him. If I get , RTs lolojones will let me take her on a date! Help me out! Jones was asked about the date following a recent meet, and even though she was surprised to hear that Lyles had gotten , retweets, she stayed true to her word.

I cant wait to go out on our date!

Olympian Lolo Jones says being open about her virginity ‘killed’ her dating life. Kelly McLaughlin. Jan 24, , AM Leah Goldman. Oct 2, , AM​.

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