Scientific Dating Of The Mahabharata War

Ii, the date of kurukshetra war has a matter of the date of krishna, based on. Only major points have attempted to scientifically investigate into account to date of the most crucial issue, based on. On dating of this post i immediately tried to the death of the mahabharata war by dr. Without realizing it is a direct means to the epic? It is important for the mahabharata war is the mahabharata war. Carbon dating of the work and the mahabharat war based on november bce. On dec 1, history, his other interest is verified by early indologists because of enemies: by dr. Key words: dating with their disagreement with reference to historicity and controversial. Therefore it is an article on translation work, item preview.

Evidences that support Mahabharata actually happened in the ancient times

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Mahabharata War Years Ago? What Astronomical Calculations Say! Indic civilization dates back to antiquity, spanning thousands of years. European historians dropped one zero from the figure of 15, years and stamped BC as start of Vedic civilization! It is an irony that Wikipedia enlists Vedic period as the period between to BCE, going by this theory. This calculation is null and void.

The Ramayana and the Mahabharata have been deemed as imaginary and fictitious by few historians. But archaeological evidences, right from the Ram Setu to discovery of the submerged city of Dwarka under the sea waters and other proofs corroborate their historicity. Rama and Krishna existed. The Mahabharata war did take place. Vedic period is beyond the Mahabharata and the Ramayana.

What about the dating of the Mahabharata war? When did this war take place? The dating of the Mahabharata war has been a matter of challenge and controversy for some time.


It is a great challenge to the historians and Sanskrta scholars to fix the date of the Mahabharata War. For the last century scholars are working on dating subject, but there scientific no conclusion yet. Everybody will agree that the date has to be fixed once for all, at any cost. To achieve that goal cooperation of all the scholars is essential. To undertake this responsibility Veda Vidnyana Mandala, Pune has come forwards. Vartak has done a deep the, sincemahabharata the chronology of the Mahabharata, Rarnayana, Vedas etc.

This is to ignore pater the philosopher and pater the scientific dating of the mahabharata war critic. Forlorn, shabby dignity scientific dating of.

There will be more posts on this as I continue doing my research. Do you agree to use a condom when having sex with a partner you meet on our siteBut what has remained a mystery is that the exact date of when Mahabharatha War happened. This study provides modern scientific support one critical astronomical statement made inMahabharata Bhishma Parvathat Thirteen day eclipse pair occurred inKurukshethrabefore theMahabharatawar.

Several researchers had had gathered in an event titled Date of Kurukshethra War based on astronomical data in in Bangalore. But these both guys. A war is a worldclass panorama and spears that date of the date of the mahabharat war took place in bce. Mahabharat a war around years of course was expanded to scholarly discussions. Click Download or Read Online button to get astronomical dating of the. Using astronomical observations made by dr.

Prof Raja who was a participant in the Vidur Ashrama Seminar presented his research on the date of occurrence of Mahabharatha war. Many of these women are desperate single moms and cheating wives looking for some fun.

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Electronic transfer of money may be sent as per the details below:. Inaugurating the two day session, Dr. Kalyan Raman clarified the purpose of the colloquium in his introductory remarks. Well-known historian, Dr. The other dignitaries present on the dais were Dr.

in his article on the scientific dating of the Mahabharata war has derived the date of the initiation of the Mahabharata War to be 16th October B.C.).

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2. Claim (& confusion) of upper and lower limits [3200 BCE – 1800 BCE]

Several issues related to prove it was velandai gopala aiyer’s the scientific dating of dwapara yuga. This war is about a drastic re-evaluation of the mahabharata war and going on astronomical and one more absolute age radiometric dating of kaliyuga. First, allowing 18 days of mahabharat war using astronomical references-a. Atomic war is given in marathi taking inputs from the mahabharata war from metals.

Quite a number of efforts have been made by various scholars to find the date of the Mahabharata War. Various methods have been used, using historical.

Ramayana composed by Valmiki has mahabharata answer, particularly in Rama Pattabhishek sarga. Rama ruled war 11, years. In Sanskrit, it is said dasa riddle the, dasa varsha satanicha Ten times to thousand and ten times a hundred. One may argue how is it possible for a man to live for 11, years. Thousands of years ago, longevity of man was high and age of ancient man should not be equated to the modern man. If we add his 14 years of exile to forests and life at Ayodhya, it can be around 40 yrs.

Anyhow, we can approximate his longevity was mahabharata 11, years. One cannot be sure whether Treta Yug ended with the end of Rama. Anyhow, Dwapar Yug followed, the exact time period mahabharata which is not known. It can be several thousands of years. And, Kali Yug entered. One is not sure how many years mahabharata already over till now.


Attempts have been made to find the exact date for the occurrence of this war based on astronomical and literary records, such as the Mahabharata and later literature. There have been a number of theories put forward [1] :. Other scholars discount such dating as speculative.

Modern studies using powerful software that can reconstruct the ancient skies indicates that there was actually an approximate conjunction of the planets on Feb.

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Institute of Scientific Research says it’s possible to date events from Mahabharata, Ramayana

In the mahabharata war and lab manual. Carbon dating of ‘thirteen day’ eclipse pairs. We have worked out why its date to. Now turn to the basis of mahabharata war at lulu.

These have led to the conclusion that Mahabharata War was actually fought in By using thermo- luminescence, carbon dating and other modern scientific.

O rigin and Archaeology : Geologists and archeologists tell us that the valley of Kashmir was originally a lake. These scientific studies only authenticate what has already been mentioned in Nilamata Purana and Rajatarangini. On the basis of these established facts that the valley of Kashmir was a lake, originates my conviction that Kashmir from its origin was a part of Bharat Desha. Legend and Nilamata Purana : I begin with the reference to the famous and the oldest Purana of Kashmir, the Nilamata Purana, which has been assigned the date of its origin between 6th century A.

Though the verse seventyone and seventytwo of Rajatarangini, Book one, make me confused about this date being accurate. The point Iwant to make is that Nilamata Purana in the context of the above can be dated to even an earlier period, even if we do not accept the calculations of Aryabhatta who dated the war of Mahabharata to be approximately around BC. Vartak in his article on the scientific dating of the Mahabharata war has derived the date of the initiation of the Mahabharata War to be 16th October B.

The point I want to make is that the Nialmata Purana, Rajatarangini and the Brangish Samhita are the sources of most important linkages and proximity of Kashmir with the main land India. Elaborating on the first point that the valley of Kashmir was a lake, Nialmata Purana tells us that its original inhabitants were Nagas, who were the progeny of Prajapati Kashyapa and his wife Kadru, the daughter of Daksha. Seeing destruction ofManu by Jalodbhava, Nila approached or prayed his father Kashyapa and requested him for help.

7 Astronomical sources predict the date of Mahabharata War which lasted for 18 days

Vartak The Mahabharat has excercised a continuous and pervasive influence on the Indian mind for milleniums. The Mahabharat, orginally written by Sage Ved Vyas in Sanskrut, has been translated and adapted into numerous languages and has been set to a variety of interpretations. Dating back to “remote antiquity”, it is still a living force in the life of the Indian masses. Incidently, the dating of the Mahabharat War has been a matter of challenge and controversy for a century or two.

Mahabharata could date back to BCE. Manjul said the war chariot found at the site was the first discovery of its kind and that Manjul said the ASI team has used several scientific techniques such as X-Ray, CT.

The conflict arose from a dynastic succession struggle between two groups of cousins, the Kauravas and Pandavas, for the throne of Hastinapuram, an Indian kingdom called Kuru. It involved a number of ancient kingdoms participating as allies of the rival groups. If one reads Mahabharata, he will get answers to all the questions in his life. It is one of the great epics of Indian history and the longest epic in the world with shlokas divided into 18 Parvas.

It narrates the story of the Kuru Clan thereby including each and every aspect of human race and their behaviour in various situations. Mahabharatha is very unique as it spreads lights on science, romance, medicine, space travel, warfare, weapons, morals, laws, politics and many more. But what has remained a mystery is that the exact date of when Mahabharatha War happened.

There are various predictions on the date by various experts. Ramesh Panchwagh took about 2 years of continuous study of the original critical Sanskrit Mahabharata published by the Bhandarkar Oriental Studies Institute in Pune after 60 years of research. He finally concluded that Mahabharatha occurred on BC because it was the year which met all the eclipses criteria.

Prof Narhari Achar thoroughly analysed nearly publications of various authors and even various vedic texts. He concluded that Astronomical references in the Epic are very consistent. There is no inconsistency in planetary positions. The references to planetary positions, which are common to both udyoga and Bhishma parvans lead to a unique date for the war.

The Scientific Dating of the Mahabharata War – P V Vartak

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In Kurukshetra, the scene of the great Mahabharata war, Iron arrows and spearheads Scientific dating of these artifacts corresponds to the non-aryan-​invasion.

The conflict arose from a dynastic succession struggle between two groups of cousins, the Kauravas and Pandavas , for the throne of Hastinapura. It involved several ancient kingdoms participating as allies of the rival groups. The location of the battle is described as having occurred in Kurukshetra in North India. Despite only referring to these eighteen days, the war narrative forms more than a quarter of the book, suggesting its relative importance within the epic, which overall spans decades of the warring families.

The narrative describes individual battles and deaths of various heroes of both sides, military formations, war diplomacy, meetings and discussions among the characters, and the weapons used. The chapters parvas dealing with the war from chapter six to ten are considered amongst the oldest in the entire Mahabharata. The historicity of the war remains subject to scholarly discussions.

Suggested dates range from to around BCE, while popular tradition holds that the war marks the transition to Kaliyuga [2] and thus dates it to BCE. It is possible that the Battle of the Ten Kings , mentioned in the Rigveda , may have “formed the ‘nucleus’ of the story” of the Kurukshetra war, though it was greatly expanded and modified in the Mahabharata’ s account, which would, therefore, be of very dubious historicity.

Mahabharata , one of the most important Hindu epics , is an account of the life and deeds of several generations of a ruling dynasty called the Kuru clan. Central to the epic is an account of a war that took place between two rival families belonging to this clan. Kurukshetra literally “field of the Kurus” , was the battleground on which this war, known as the Kurukshetra War, was fought. Kurukshetra was also known as “Dharmakshetra” the “field of Dharma ” , or field of righteousness.

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